Professional Massage

In Royal Beauty Hall, you will experience one of the most amazing and memorable massages in your life.
Our masseurs have studied professional rehabilitation; they are both highly qualified and welcoming. They speak English, German, French, Russian and Bulgarian.
In Royal Beauty Hall, we have the potential of giving massages to 4 clients at the same time. There is a shower room that clients can use after massages.

The bed sheets are for single use only and towels are washed and disinfected after each procedure.
• If you like a heavy pressure massage, you can choose Deep Tissue Massage.
• Relaxing Massage is suitable for people who feel tired in mind or body after a hard working day, or after a period of intense studying or traveling. This is a point-based massage and it efficiently takes the pressure out of the body and the brain.
• Classic Massage (Swedish massage) is the typical European massage that is actually a very effective method of making you feel much better after having it.
• If you have any pain in the spinal cord or joints, you will need Therapeutic Massage .Our masseurs are well trained and qualified in doing such massage. After being given such a massage, your pain will decrease appreciably and you will be strongly impressed by the massage impact on reducing pain.
• VIP Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Aromatic Massage, Hot Chocolate Massage, Tai Massage, Anti Cellulite Massage, Sport Massage, Back Massage, Feet Massage, and the like are also offered at the Royal Beauty Hall, and you have a great variety of options to enjoy your leisure time.

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