Perm and Straight Hiar

We do Permanent waves and permanent straightening for the hair; but you need to know it’s not something can be done for all kinds of hair. The hair needs to be healthy enough for these treatments.That is why first we will try it on a small part of hair and if everything was fine we will make the procedure.

• Depends on your hair length it may take from one to three hours.
• We will try to make sure that the clients are happy at the end.
• If you take care of the hair; the wave or straightening can last till 6 months.

• after having straightening done;every time that you gonna wash your hair; you need to use hair mask as well;it will help to keep the hair straight .
• After having permanent wave done; it’s not recommended to use Hair Mask; But it’s good to use natural hair oils after washing the hair while they are still wet . It’s better to use spatial brush for wave. Also spatial diffuser on your hairdryer.

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