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Experience a Relax Beauty Day in Royal Beauty Center!


Don’t you just love those makeover shows like Trinny & Susanna or Gok’s How to Look Good Naked? Or the makeover photo’s in women’s magazines and the amazing concepts and looks they create for America’s Next Top Model? In case you haven’t noticed, the biggest thing that transforms these people’s looks is the hair and makeup! Clothes count but when you’re naked the blank canvas of your hair and skin are still there. We love these shows and pictures because secretly, we sometimes wish that a makeover could happen to us! And it totally can at Royal Beauty Center. Royal Beauty Center have professional industry credentials and have extensive bridal, commercial and photographic experience. Having your makeup professionally applied will give you flawless looking skin that’s photoshoot ready. It will look as good on at the end of the night as it did at the beginning. Our professional makeup artists work with different shaped faces and skin tones all the time so we know exactly what will enhance your look to make you look amazing. Royal Beauty Artists understand colour intimately: how face and eye colour will work with your hair colour, skin tone and also how it will look with your outfit. They know how to select the right shade of the colour you’re after and how to adapt the look you’re after to suit your facial structure. Makeup is so much more than mascara and a bit of lippy! What we hear from our clients is that they were never shown how to apply it properly.

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