Keratin Treatments

There are few things more frustrating than waking up to a bad hair day. Whether it’s out-of-control frizz, limp tresses, fried split ends, or other noticeable breakage, it’s just no fun to leave the house when your hair looks less than stellar. If your hair is rough and damaged enough that you’re suffering more bad hair days than good, a keratin treatment could be just the thing you need to get your locks in shape. Keratin can help smooth, strengthen, and straighten your hair so it’s softer, shinier, thicker, and more manageable.
What is keratin?
Keratin is a protein that occurs naturally in the hair, skin, and nails.
Hair is comprised mostly of keratin, actually. It’s found in the outer layers of the hair where it serves as a protectant against external damage, and it’s found within the hair follicle where it provides structural strength.
When your hair is damaged, it loses keratin, which makes it more porous and vulnerable to additional damage.
Restoring keratin to your locks can smooth its surface, strengthen it, and make it more elastic, so your hair looks and feels healthier.

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